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Not Ken Bradley

 If you're here for entertainment, I fear we shall disappoint.  This is likely
to be, for you, a spectacularly boring website.

 But if you're here to learn about Ken Bradley, Ken Barry Bradley, age 44 as of
the year 2008; formerly a resident of the Seattle, Washington area; presently
(since 2004) a resident of the Lake Chelan, Washington area; and particularly if
you know this man personally; then you'll want to read every last word.

 If you're uncertain whether you have the right Ken Bradley (it is a common name),
the gallery may help.

 But of all the things you should know about Ken Bradley, this tops the list
 and summarizes the lot: 

 Wenatchee World article, Ken Bradley charged with theft in which he used his 11-year-old daughter to steal a massive sum of cash from her stepfather